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You Are Truly Special

With hair so precious
An eye so bright
A brain so wonderful
You've got a height just right

In Love

Sometime ago...
He met me while I was alone
He tried to take hold of my weary hand
He knew I couldn't do it on my own
So he tried his best to help me stand

Love Expressed Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

Love was the only key
to enable us from God receive.
If we really understood this properly
we would all back our requests with belief.

Love Defined

When you know that God loves your neighbour
whoever he  is,
and also that Christ too is His Saviour.
Do you know what it means!


There are some who do not see
a complete three-square meal.
Some do not even know
from whom to borrow.
While some have,
some others really starve.


An answer to a call
can save one from a disastrous fall;
a genuine hand of aid
can be of more worth than a lingered debt paid.

Why Wait

Life is funny
but life is not a joke.

The Universe

In the universe,
everyone takes a role;
but not just anyone:
a person with a soul.

Put It Down

Reading through lines,
going through pages
men sought for what they could find
even down through the ages.

There Is A Day When

There is a day when
we all would come out and play then.


There is no other person that can bring everlasting peace
No other person that can make you feel at ease
There is no other one
Whom to worship is fun.

The Poet Of The Good Times

I consider myself to be a poet
Nice poems to read I write
There is one thing I want you to note
Take it serious and enjoy the rhyme.