Are all that shine at night stars?
Should all vehicles be called cars?
Are all airways called windows?
I wonder, but, who knows!

Some questions may, as some folks may say,
trouble our minds day after day.
Some stay unanswered for a very long while,
while some were put recently in a file.

Some people (whom I may call brave)
go against their will before going to the grave;
going through piles of files,
taking a look at series of books,
in order to find answers.
Some are famous, but not all are stars.

I think our world gets better
as unanswered questions become fewer.
In all, I would advise
that we should put away all lies;
let us go to the books, open the files,
no matter the looks, no matter the size.

Let each one of us master a field of study.
Let’s prepare, let’s get ready.
There is beauty in science;
there is beauty in art.
Thanks to poetic license
I can say this and I can say that.

As I conclude, let me say:
research is an available way.
Let us look into this aspect of life,
being well-prepared before we dive.
Many succeed, many thrive.
We should know that it is an important aspect of our lives.



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