The Cheerful Giver

With a smile on his face
And with so much elegance and grace
Working hard to keep up a quick pace
He makes sure good things for everyone is kept in place.

Walking and running
Going and coming
Climbing up and coming down
He is moved by all the tears and frowns.

He makes sure everything is alright
And gives the little ones reasons to enjoy the night.

Anyone can be that cheerful giver
It could be a 'he' or a 'her'.

That cheerful giver gives
Not focusing his gaze on what he receives
Remember that you can only give what you have
So like a steward, those in need you should serve.

Prefer others to yourself
Like in the ranking of shelves
Do not consider yourself above everyone else.

Let the tears of others fall on you
Then immediately look for what you can do
Others' problems are not always many  - some are few
Even if they are many still look for what you can do.

Have it in mind that you can give anything
Time, food, money - I mean anything
Even good words can make the heart go 'ding-a-ling'.

Courtesy: Google Search


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